3rd Census of Minor Irrigation Schemes (2000-01)

Water Resources Informatics Division, NIC completed the Computerization of 3rd Minor Irrigation Census as a sponsored project of Ministry of Water Resources. The Census covered approximately 20 million minor irrigation structures classified under five types of minor irrigation schemes, namely Dugwell, Shallow Tubewell, Deep Tubewell, Surface Lift Schemes and Surface Flow Schemes. NIC has compiled the census data for 33 States and UTís. The Minor Irrigation Wing, Ministry of Water Resources has published the National level reports. A compact disc (CD) on 3rd M.I. Census has been prepared by NIC, which consists of the 3rd MI Census reports (National & State Level). The Published Reports with CD was released by the Prime Minister of India in a conference of all the states Irrigation Minister at Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi on 30th November 2005

The national level & states level reports have been put on the Ministry of Water Resources Website.

Click here to visit the MI 3rd Census Reports website