January, 27, 2000


   Dr. C.P. Thakur, Union Minister of Water Resources has launched here today, a website under the overall Government of India Mega Website called 'India Image' hosted at National Informatics Centre Server. This is an important landmark in the Government's efforts in dissemination of information related to water resources development in the country in accordance with the policy of the Government to be transparent and involve all the stake holders in the development of water resources.
The site can be accessed at http://mowr.gov.in

     The website consists of 11 modules and 50 sub-modules. Relevant information related to water resources development, importance of water in life, constitutional provisions related to water, Government's policy on water, responsibility and status of development of water resources in the country, investments made in the sector, need for cooperation among the river basin states for the development of water resources and the existing mechanism to achieve the same, have been included in the website.

   Links have been provided with Central Water Commission and National Institute of Hydrology, who have also developed their own websites for information on their sphere of activities. The site has also been linked to other related Ministries, namely, Agriculture, Environment and Forests, Urban Development and Rural Development and with international organisations like FAO,GWP etc. The site is proposed to be updated regularly. Suggestions on issues related to water resources development can be sent to webmaster-mowr[at]nic[dot]in It is hoped that the opening of this Website will help in increasing mass awareness about the achievements made in the water sector and our water vision for the future. This will also lead to greater participation of general public in decision-making process in the water sector of the country.